• Autism and Aspergers

    Autism and Aspergers

    Autism is seen as a 'spectrum disorder', and those with Autism or Aspergers can see the world very differently to other people. Despite potential difficulties understanding and relating to others, such individuals can have unique strengths.

Coaching for Autism and Asperger Syndrome

If you have a diagnosis of Autism or Aspergers, then you may understand the reason why your thinking process appears to be different from others. If undiagnosed, you may wonder why other people don't seem to have the same difficulty with understanding and relating to each other. You might find reading faces or body language challenging, or have times where you become overwhelmed or overstimulated by sensory input: Autism is seen as a spectrum disorder, and everyone's challenges and strengths will be different.

Coaching can help you harness your ability to see through to the facts, engage your capacity for logical problem-solving and help you to embrace your difference.

Please note that I cannot 'diagnose' Autism or Asperger syndrome, although if you believe you have Autistic traits, you may well benefit from coaching targeted in this area.