What is Coaching?

Some people can confuse 'coaching' with 'therapy'. While many coaches are also therapists or use therapeutic approaches, therapy is often intended to 'cure' a person of a mental health problem, whereas coaching is a process whereby the coach works with the client to problem-solve their challenges. The best coaching is structured, yet tailored around the client's individual needs, and also takes into account their unique strengths.

While this can be very helpful for anyone, particularly those suffering from Stress or Anxiety-related issues, it can be particularly beneficial for those who are 'neurodiverse', who often have experiences of life that are incredibly frustrating due to difficulties with 'fitting in' in social circles and the workplace. 'Neurodiverse' thinking styles, however, such as ADHD, Dyslexia or Autism (including Asperger syndrome) do offer unique strengths which are often overlooked. The barriers in gaining a recognised 'diagnosis' mean that these individuals often have to go without vital support, despite suspecting or having experiential knowledge of what makes them 'different'.

Coaches draw on their experiences and training in a wide variety of areas, offering business coaching, management coaching or more generalised 'life coaching'. A good coach will play to their strengths and use their skillset with a particular client group.

TLC- Terry Laverty Coaching primarily works with clients suffering from Stress or Anxiety of any background, and can offer more specialised 'neurodiversity' coaching to clients with ADHD, ASD (including Aspergers) and Dyslexia to help them in any area of life, from relationships to behavioural management and more.

Please get in touch (link to button below) to find out more about coaching rates. Reduced rates are available for video and phone sessions, as a hired venue is not needed.

It's a good idea to arrange an initial 'consultation' before engaging in coaching, to make sure that you can get the support you're looking for and see if the coaching relationship will be right for you. I charge £20.00 for a half-hour consultation, which will be discounted from your first session.