• Stress and Anxiety

    Stress and Anxiety

    The word 'anxiety' is used to describe feelings of apprehension or fear of situations we perceive as threatening, whether real or imagined, whereas frequent anxiety, becoming regularly emotional, aches and pains or sleeplessness can all be symptoms of long-term stress.

Coaching for Stress and Anxiety

When we are anxious, we can enter 'fight or flight' mode, which is largely unhelpful unless we are being physically threatened, and we can become stressed. In the short term, stress can drive us towards action regarding the things making us anxious, but in the long-term it can take a great toll on our health.

I use techniques drawn from mindfulness and approaches based in 'acceptance and commitment' with my clients to enable them to gain 'breathing space' from their issues and see them with new eyes.

Coaching will help you to take stock of your situation and change your relationship with your stressors so that you are able to take positive action. Working with your personal strengths will empower you to face your challenges, find new solutions to old problems and allow you to move forward towards the life you want.